CGK Consulting & Engineering Services


Our AutoCAD and Revit capable team designs and commissions facilities in the food service, retail, office, life science, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

Facilities design experience in:

  • HVAC ductwork distribution
  • Central chilled water and heating water plants
  • Natural gas and laboratory/medical gas distribution
  • Compressed air and vacuum distribution and generation
  • Laboratory/medical gas bulk storage tank
  • Cleanroom and vivarium
  • Make-up air and dehumidification
  • Kitchen grease exhaust
  • Kitchen grease waste

Facility O&M experience in:

  • 8,760-hour energy analysis
  • Building systems and energy audit
  • Building automation system controls sequencing analysis
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Optimize your process, increase your yield, minimize your energy consumption, and reduce costs.   CGK process engineering services are designed to iron the wrinkles in your workflow whether be industrial manufacturing, commercial project coordination, software development, project management, or any other industrial, commercial, or business process.

  • Chemical Process Engineering & Optimization
  • Mineral Process Engineering & Optimization
  • Manufacturing Energy Studies
  • Industrial Manufacturing Data Analytics
  • Business Work Process Streamlining
  • Custom Software Solutions
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Automation is the way of the future, and CGK Consulting Group has you covered.   CGK provides automation and controls engineering services in a variety of markets and applications.

Industrial Process Control

  • Control System Architecture & Hardware Design & Implementation
  • Control System Software Process Control and HMI Design & Implementation
  • System Server Configuration
  • Instrument, Device, & Packaged Unit Integration
  • Process Control Performance Metrics


  • Building Automation Systems (BAS, BMS)
  • HVAC Application Specific Controls

Our automation and controls engineers work all over the country at our industrial and commercial client sites.

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Recent Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients

Some Words From Our Clients

“CGK brought strong insight into where the problem could be and then quick and decisive action in a high stakes situation.”

Mark Heires, Americas Styrenics

“I have no reservations recommending CGK to you, no matter how complex your process control needs are.”

Jon Timbers, Americas Styrenics

“CGK developed optimal Human Machine Interface (HMI) graphics for ease of navigation and troubleshooting. The operators from the previous migrations had complained about the number of graphics compared to the MOD-5. ”

Alan Clark, Americas Styrenics