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Project Description

Client had several issues affecting the reliability and production of their filter plant.  Lower than design throughput, excessive use of filter aid, frequent pump changes, valve issues, unscheduled cloth/plate change outs, and poor operator training.

CGK began by assessing the operation or the filter and what could be the root causes of many of the issues.  After careful evaluation the pumping process was updated in the Distributed Control System (DCS) to allow the pumps to run more effectively.  This lowered the maintenance on the pumps as the seals were not wearing as fast, helped stop blow outs in the filter clothes from improper filling, and increased overall throughput by generating larger filter drops in a similar time.  CGK made several other recommendations that were unable to be completed without a shut down but found that there were several issues with the original design of the plant.

CGK worked closely with the operators to understand the issues they were seeing and work with them to determine the correct path forward while also using our extensive experience in design, construction, and operation of plate and filter plants.

Throughput before changes: 20.2 tonnes/hr (design 31.8 tonnes/hr)

Throughput after changes: 32.4 tonnes/hr (35% increase)

Pump Rebuild Frequency before changes: 2 pumps/month

Pump Rebuild Frequency after changes: 2 pumps/2 months

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