Industrial Process Control Systems

Process control and automation systems are an essential part of an effective manufacturing process.  Maintaining and optimizing control systems helps ensure that value is continuously extracted from your plant assets.  In order to be cost competitive in manufacturing, companies have to be lean, reliable, and have the data to make good decisions.   That all starts with the industrial process control system.

CGK services the full spectrum of industrial process control needs whether you need few new instruments integrated into your existing system, are scaling up a manufacturing process and investing in a system for the first time, or retrofitting / replacing your obsolete system with a state of the art process automation and information system.  Our control and automation engineers have experience a wide variety of control platforms, but more importantly, they have the process and manufacturing knowledge to help you get the most out of your system.


Commercial Building Automation

Automation Engineering, Automation Engineering, CGK Consulting Group, Inc
Automation Engineering, Automation Engineering, CGK Consulting Group, Inc

In 2018, CGK Consulting Group launched Techne Control Systems, Inc, a commercial building automation systems integrator operating in southwest United States.  Whereas CGK can provide you with a full fledged building automation system design to accompany your MEP bid package, Techne Control Systems is focused on the construction, retrofit, integration, commissioning, and optimization of new and existing commercial building control systems.

Techne offers free consultation services to general and mechanical contractors looking assistance in controls & building automation systems specification for Design-Build projects.  This practice offers Techne a chance to showcase our knowledge and capability, while helping your customer define their automation needs before the sales cycle is completed.   Techne wants to help you succeed at your projects and ensure customer satisfaction.

CGK and Techne promote the use of open architecture systems in the building automation market.  This ensures that that customer is never sole-sourced for parts and services during the maintenance life cycle.  We want to compete for your business based on our technical merit and project execution excellence, not because we own exclusive rights on particular platform.

Business Process Automation

CGK also performs business work process consulting and automation to help you streamline your day to day.   If you find yourself constantly performing repetitive tasks, CGK is here to help.  Our business process automation services are designed to reduce and eliminate the need for “manual” efforts in the computer age.  Our software engineers and capable of producing customized solutions to your particular problem, whether that a be a simple macro or VBE module, or a full blown cloud based solution.  Tell us what you are trying to accomplish, and we will help you get there.

Automation Engineering, Automation Engineering, CGK Consulting Group, Inc

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