Chemical Process Engineering

CGK Consulting Group has years of experience in run-plant chemical process engineering and manufacturing.    We work with our customers to identify opportunities for improvement in their manufacturing processes, build a road map to success, and help implement solutions through engineering solutions and project management.  Our chemical process engineers are skilled in all facets of chemical plant optimization with experience in process optimization, quality control & assurance, mechanical reliability, electrical infrastructure and reliability, controls and automation, and mechanical design.  No matter where your facility is at on the path to excellence, CGK offers a wide range of engineering and consulting services to help you get there.

Plant Engineering, Plant Engineering, CGK Consulting Group, Inc

Mineral Process Engineering

Plant Engineering, Plant Engineering, CGK Consulting Group, Inc

CGK consulting group recognizes the challenges faced in the mining/mineral processing industry. Because of the cyclical nature of the industry it’s imperative to offer our clients new sustainable ideas that help keep their costs low while provided and maximum return on investment.

Part of our strategy of helping our clients is partnering and full integration into their site so that we can see first hand the struggles they have and find new and innovative ways to solve their problems. By providing boots on the ground and working with operators in the field we are better able to find the root cause of the problems facing our clients and work together to find the best available solution to move forward.

Reliability Engineering

Reliability Engineering and Asset Management involves the application of consistent and structured strategies designed to increase asset reliability and systems. Asset Management is an essential requirement to achieve world-class performance at any manufacturing facility. It’s important to identify the Root Cause of issues to enable an organization to avoid constantly “putting out fires”.

CGK brings their own unique methodology to creating and implementing reliability engineering services for their clients. We specialize in Lubrication (Noria Certified), Root Cause Analysis and reporting, Equipment downtime reporting (Availability & Utilization), and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Plant Engineering, Plant Engineering, CGK Consulting Group, Inc

Health, Safety, & Environmental

Plant Engineering, Plant Engineering, CGK Consulting Group, Inc

CGK has been directly involved in improving the health and safety at every site we have worked at. Safety is a core belief at CGK and our team has gained a wealth of experience, not only in preventing problems and minimizing business disruption, but also responding to and controlling unwanted events.  CGK firmly believes in “Safe Production”.  Safety always needs to be a priority while working but production for our clients must always be kept in mind.  Our knowledge and expertise have enabled our clients to keep their employees safe while also avoiding potential fines by correcting safety and environmental issues on various sites. We know that through proper task evaluation that engineered controls can help keep a plant running not only efficiently but safely.

Manufacturing Excellence

Safe manufacturing is something important to every client. CGK offers extensive consulting support across a broad range of areas including: Asset Management Development, Asset Management Assessment, Equipment Maintenance Strategy; Maintenance Workflow, and Lubrication Assessment.

We believe in these key areas of consulting as a way to being maximum value to the client without the need for major changes at the clients business. We provide value to our clients by focusing our services on issues that will improve business profitability first and foremost. Our approach is to integrate with our client, build a relationship, determine trouble areas, and effectively find low cost solutions to their problems.

Plant Engineering, Plant Engineering, CGK Consulting Group, Inc