Project Description

Project Overview

From 2013 to 2017, CGK Consulting Group played a major role in the Americas Styrenics PAMU / M5R project to replace the proprietary Dow Chemical Company MOD-V process control system with a commercially available option.  Americas Styrenics was formed in 2008 when a joint venture between Dow Chemical and Chevron Phillips Chemicals was formed as a strategic alliance in North and South America in the sytrene and styrene polymers business.  In 2010, Dow Chemical would divest its ownership of Americas Styrenics to private equity, leaving the company operating five heritage Dow sites, running nine reactor trains, and processing over 13,000 I/O on  MOD-V process control systems.

CGK was positioned as an excellent system integrator selection for Americas Sytrenics, having experienced process, safety, and automation engineers that previously practiced under the Dow manufacturing discipline philosophy.   This natural fit allowed CGK to immediately recognize the challenges of replacing the highly capable MOD-V system and meeting or exceeding the process control excellence Americas Styrenics was accustomed to.  In 2013, CGK began to assist the Americas Styrenics Process Automation Group in the Dow MOD-V migration process

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Emerson DeltaV
Emerson DeltaV

Consulting, Engineering, & Technical Services

Over the course of the project, CGK Consulting Group’s consultants, engineers, and technical resources helped Americas Styrenics work through all phases of the Dow MOD-V to ABB System 800xA process.  These efforts include, but are not limited to:

Forward Engineering:

  • DCS System Selection
  • Process Control System Functional Design Specification
  • Custom Extension of ABB 800xA Libraries for improved functionality
  • Custom CGK Libraries for improved functionality
  • Forward Engineering Tools & Work Process Automation
  • Control system power analysis and migration strategy

Plant Documentation Audit & Aggregation:

  • Prework Phase: Plant documentation verification and DCS migration preparation
    • Creating and verifying “Smart” P&IDs using the CGK P&ID Tool for MOD-V migration
    • Creating and verifying “Smart” MOD-V graphics using the CGK MOD-V Graphics Tool
    • Documenting control room junction box terminations using the CGK CRJB Tool
    • Generating preliminary “as-built” I/O lists using the CGK AutoDoc Analysis Tool
    • Identifying mandatory and optional I/O migration projects to include in the migration process
    • Cross validating plant documentation using CGK’s document comparison tools
    • Defining the future state I/O list and channel configuration parameters
    • Defining application / unit boundaries for 800xA control code using MOD-V Graphics Tool

Layout, Hardware, Cabinet, and Migration Cable :

  • Controller & I/O Panel Design
  • Mass Termination Harness Design
  • Hardware Acceptance Testing
  • Control Room Layout Design
  • Network & Power System Infrastructure Arrangements
  • Construction Management Services

Software & Systems Engineering :

  • Server Configuration
  • Custom ABB 800xA Hardware & Base Library Extension Development
  • Custom CGK Process Control, Graphic, and Workplace Library Development
  • Process Control Code DowTran Reverse Engineering
  • Process Control Strategy Documents (PCSD)
  • BCPS Process Control ABB 800xA Control Module Code Re-Engineering
  • SIS Code Implementation
  • Process Control Simulation Development & Implementation
  • HMI Graphic & Simulation Graphic Development
  • Task-Oriented Graphic Displays
  • Software Configuration Testing
    • Unit / Application Level Testing
    • Integrated / Inter-application Level Testing
    • SIS & Shadow Element Integrated Testing
  • ABB Workplace & Functional Structure Configuration
  • Automated Reporting Tools
  • Plant Performance / KPI Dashboards
  • Alarm Analysis & Rationalization

Operating Discipline & Training :

  • Critical Procedure Updates
  • Operator Training Simulation / War Games
  • Alarm & Response Documentation
  • Engineering / Management Training

Commissioning, Startup, & Support :

  • System commissioning & acceptance testing
  • Loop testing of instruments / MTA connection verification
  • Plant Startup Support
  • Live Plant Debugging / Corrections
  • 24hr On-Site Support
  • 24hr Remote Support