Project Description

CGK Recipe Management Library for ABB 800xA

Modern flexible manufacturing systems enable owners to manufacture different products using the same equipment and process control platforms.  In order to accomplish this, product recipe setpoints need to be made available to the process control system.  There are many methods to accomplish this feat, but CGK Recipe Management Library has taken the approach of building the recipe management system into the process control code, which does not require the use of any 3rd party applications.  The major benefit of this approach is that all of the recipe setpoints are stored within the controller memory, so there is no dependence on applications, processes, communications, or servers running outside of the core process control hardware.  To make the CGK Recipe Management Library more user friendly, state based controls (SFC) and object-oriented graphics elements have been developed to allow product recipes to be viewed, updated, and change-managed all from within the 800xA Workplace.  This implementation methodology provides inherently easy to understand information to engineers and plant operators without the need for licensing, training, or dependence on 3rd party software or systems.

Recipe Management Interface

Operator Recipe Viewer

Recipe Calculation Viewer

Recipe Change-Management

Recipe Change Review

Example CGK Custom Libraries for ABB System 800xA