Project Description

CGK 800xA Hardware Extension Library

The CGK 800xA Hardware Extension Library is an extension library to the ABB S800 IO an AC800M controller lines that improves the plant operator and instrument & electrical technicians abilities to discover, locate, and troubleshoot hardware related problems.  The expansion libraries allow the integrating engineers to build virtual representations of controller and IO cabinets in the 800xA workplace and map additional data fields to each individual IO channel.  The package also includes expanded soft-alarm functionality to simplify the explanation of hardware module status and extended status words within the operator workplace.  The soft-alarms are automatically mapped to the graphical representations of hardware card, allowing technicians to to quickly jump to the problem, identify the issue, locate the problem in the real world, and determine what other IO channels may be affected by maintenance or troubleshooting.

The CGK 800xA Hardware Extension Library is a diagnostic game changer for site with lean staffing.  The expansion library does not require the use of ABB 800xA Control Builder, which is the usual hardware diagnostic tool.   Control Builder is usually only accessible to credentialed users, such as engineers and integrators; the CGK 800xA Hardware Extension Library allows plant floor personnel access to hardware information while protecting from the use of Control Builder for routine diagnostics.

  • Graphical navigation of physical hardware configuration from 800xA workplace

  • Extended soft-alarm functionality provides more detailed alarms linked directly to graphical representations.

  • Creates additional data fields to help document hardware channel configuration

    • Legacy IO Names
    • P&ID Tag Information
    • Channel Descriptions
    • Wire or Cable Numbers
    • Channel Configuration
  • Eliminates the need for ABB 800xA Control Builder for exploration & troubleshooting of hardware issues

Alarm Link to Card Graphic

Controller Cabinet View

IO Cabinet View

Hardware Soft Alarms

Analog Input Card View

Digital Input Card View

Example CGK Custom Libraries for ABB System 800xA