CGK Consulting Group is an engineering and technical solutions provider for light and heavy manufacturing, science laboratories, and technical and advanced facility clients. CGK forges lasting professional relationships by viewing themselves as being someone who is integrated with your company. The road to each solution designed and provided are personal and have your ultimate goal in mind at every step of the design and construction process.

We utilize modern software, technologies, and ideas to streamline work processes and develop ad hoc tools in-house that provide tailored solutions to each client. It is well known that no two solutions or projects are the same, however, we feel that the approach seems to be repeated with little change. For your project we combine engineering design, automation, safety analysis, and management of implementation to ensure that your entire project and needs are met.

There are efficiencies to be gained in every aspect of everyday work from daily office routines, research of and delivery of solutions, and in-field construction processes. In this process we provide our custom tools and programming to get you your results faster and easier.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and able to tend to the owner’s and project team’s needs quickly. We are not bound by our office’s region. In today’s world we can get half way across the country and to your job site or office in less than six hours. Many clients are moving their operations due to rising operating, personnel, and land costs. These clients know that CGK will be there whenever needed.

CGK Consulting Group is currently providing solutions in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, and Ohio.




CGK Consulting Group is an active member of ISNetworld. We have centralized our compliance data within ISNetworld and streamlined our reporting process, making it easier for us to prequalify our company. We have made the following information available to our clients in an electronic format, which is available online 24 hours a day: Health, Safety, and Environmental Questionnaire, Insurance Certificates, OSHA Forms, Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Letters, Written Health, Safety, and Environmental Programs, Training Information, Reporting of Hours and Incidents by Month. ISN’s Review and Verification Services (RAVS) verifies and evaluates our health, safety, and procurement information to ensure regulatory and client specific requirements are met.