CGK was founded on several non-technical principles that shape our professional function to deliver quality solutions and go above and beyond what is considered the norm from an engineering and technical service provider.

  • Integration. The three founders formed a team that can provide an entire engineering and construction solution from design, controls/automation, and construction management. These three keys ensure that when your project is complete that it is modern, functions both on paper and in the field, and all costs and schedules have been controlled from inception to installation.
  • Personal. It is our goal to be integrated with your project, and not provide an isolated deliverable. The closer we work with you, the better the project and solution will become. When we make each project personal, we feel and understand the impact of every decision.
  •  Enjoyment. Everyone on the team is a part of the project because they enjoy what they are doing. The long days and nights we put in for our clients is not a “have to” but, rather, because we “want to.” When you work with CGK you are working with people who love what they do.
  • Opportunity. All people who are a part of CGK have the opportunity to make what we do every day better. The current state of the technology we use and the methods we take to accomplish changes at an exponential rate, there is never a bad idea.