Michael A Carlomagno, PE
Principal, Engineering & Design

Michael Carlomagno, a graduate of California State University, Chico, started his career in the manufacturing industry on the owner-client side in 2007 in Houston, TX. After a short stint, he moved back to California and decided to join the consulting engineering side in San Diego. He gained his professional mechanical engineering license in 2011.

After joining the engineering consulting industry, he would never intend to be anywhere else. He experienced the opportunities to meet people from all over the country from the in-field construction workers to the CEOs of the companies he’s working with, and to design a range of projects from local up-and-coming restaurant to a multi-million dollar manufacturing plant. The professional experiences make every day’s work enjoyable, and turn into personal enjoyment.

He feels privileged to have been a part of specific projects in his career which he believes has shaped his approach to engineering, management, and technical solutions such as a military base-wide energy audit in Yuma, AZ, a university laboratory building fume hood and controls retrofit in San Diego, CA, an integrated project delivery (IPD) new construction of a pharmaceutical facility in San Diego, CA, and a manufacturing automation migration from proprietary equipment to a custom and commercially available system in 5 plants throughout the nation.

Professionally, Michael has a passion for energy reduction, whether it’s for facilities, manufacturing processes, or laboratory environments, and analyzing processes or entire facilities, in a holistic approach, to isolate the effect of making specific changes or upgrades.

Joshua R. Gemmell
Principal, Process Engineering & Project/Construction Management

Joshua Gemmell, is a graduate of Arizona State University, Tempe, with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering as well as a Master in Construction Management. His career started in the Cement Manufacturing industry as a process and project engineer. During his time with the Cement industry he was able to experience a startup project for a new Kiln, Preheater, Raw Mill, and Finish Mill. This kindled his passion to build new things and participate at a higher level in large capital projects. Shortly afterwards he returned to school to complete his Masters.

While in school he actively participated in several construction projects in order to complete his degree. This learning experience allowed him the opportunity to participate in BIM (Building Information Modeling), Modular construction, Cleanroom construction, Best Value Procurement, and several site visits to different types of construction projects.

Before leaving school Joshua began working in the engineering consulting industry. This enabled him to participate in several large scale projects (over one-billion USD) throughout the entire project process from pre-feasibility studies all the way through final construction completion and commissioning. During his time working in the engineering consulting industry he has been directly responsible for PFD and P&ID development, capital expenditure studies, RFI management, several different mass balance calculations, as well as leading the piping construction activities at site.

Joshua is a big believer in using Best Value Procurement, BIM, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) to provide project teams the best quality product within the expected budget.

Seth W. Kahle
Principal, Process Automation, Controls, & Information Systems

Seth Kahle, a graduate of the University of Michigan, is a seasoned controls expert with extensive knowledge in the polymer industry. He started his career as a process engineer in large scale materials handling manufacturing. After several successful years as a process engineer he entered the plastics industry as a controls engineer. As a controls engineer he found his calling and true passion of programming.

He has been involved in several large scale CAPEX projects during his role as a controls engineer. Often providing the design bases for PLC types and programming language used. His knowledge and competence in these areas saved his employers millions of dollars in consulting costs and project delays. During his time as a controls engineer he completed a bachelor’s degree in Technical Management Computer Information Systems from DeVry University.

Some of Seth’s career highlights include, designing process control migration cabinets, redundant distributed I/O network, motor control center retrofits, field junction box additions. Designing & developing retrofit plan for dual-feed 50kVA UPS power distribution system for process control hardware/controllers and servers. Developing process control strategy documents (PCSD English narratives) and process control strategy functional specifications documents from existing code and operator interviews.

Seth’s experiences have forged a strong belief in supporting the client and providing expert advice with statistical analysis to always create the best possible situation for the project to be successful.